How Minecraft Can Help You Become A Better Coder

How Minecraft Can Help You Become A Better Coder

Learning how to code is one of the most productive things you can do with your time. We are currently living in the digital age. More and more professions are now recruiting programmers to help shift their business into the digital realm. And more career paths are being created as new technologies are created.

Programming is a diverse field that can lead you into a huge number of interesting industries. Everything from creating new phones or video games, to creating software designed to save the planet from pollution. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

But coding, like any language, takes time and dedication to learn. It requires you to approach it with a logical, yet creative mindset. And while you can learn a lot about coding from tutorials and classes, there are also a lot of other avenues you should supplement in to help. And one of those is, surprisingly, Minecraft.

Beginner Code

Now you might be wondering how Minecraft could help you become a better programmer. One of the first ways it can is with its own beginner coding classes. Minecraft Education is an educational gaming platform created by Mojang to help educate children and adults. It has some great introduction lessons to coding that help you grasp the basics in an engaging and fun way.

Even if you are already learning how to code, these courses are a great top up. Or you can use them as a test to keep your knowledge sharp and ensure you understood it all the first time around. Don’t let the cutesy graphics fool you into thinking these lessons are below you. All knowledge is useful on your coding


One of the most interesting parts of Minecraft is Redstone. This substance within the game acts in the same way as circuitry does in real life. It can be pathed out to create simple or complex machines that can be set to run automatically or at the press of a button.

Most basic players will use redstone to create simple lighting systems or automatic doors. But Redstone is so much more powerful. So much so that some players have even created working computers within the game using Redstone. No small feat considering the limited options available to you within the game. And this isn’t even the most complicated thing that has been created using Redstone either.

Learning how to use Redstone in more advanced ways can teach you a lot about programming and how computers work. Creating working Redstone circuits is a challenge that forces you to think in new ways. You have to overcome it within the bounds of the Minecraft universe. And this will help you train your mind to overcome complicated problems you will encounter while coding.


Minecraft has managed to persist as the most popular game on the planet due to the freedom it offers its community in regards to modding. Mods are a fantastic way to enhance your game. And as you can see from the best skyblock servers and survival servers, people love using and creating amazing mods. Modders are the backbone of the online community within Minecraft. Alongside that, they are also incredible programmers with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Creating a mod can be a fantastic programming test. It allows you to flex your programming muscles while also creating something that can enhance the gameplay experience of others. It will also help teach you about creating things for other systems, as opposed to simply creating your own system. Another big advantage of this is that creating mods will look great on your CV, especially if you plan on pursuing a career in the gaming industry.

Becoming an active member in the modding community is also a good idea. Your fellow modders will be programmers just like you. And the Minecraft modding community is an extremely friendly and inviting one. People are always willing to share their knowledge and help others grow their skillset. So spend some time chatting to other modders. Ask for their advice and listen to the wisdom they have to share.

A Creative Mindset

As we said above, programming is about more than just logic and practical knowledge. Coding is as much a puzzle as it is a language. Many people often consider programming closer to an art form than anything else. You need to be able to think creatively to overcome a problem. Because you will encounter a lot of bugs and issues. And the solution won’t always be apparent.

Minecraft is the perfect exercise in creative thinking. The entire game is about using your imagination to create. To overcome the challenges of a harsh world and survive. Coding might not be as extreme as survival, but it still requires the same level of creative thinking.

Simply playing Minecraf in your downtime is a great way to strengthen your creativity, while also helping you relax. But, if you really want to push yourself, try setting yourself a creative challenge. There are hundreds of great building challenges online that you can try your hand at.

Then, when you next encounter a coding problem, try to approach it like you would a Minecraft building challenge. Think about the different resources at your disposal. Perhaps try one that you wouldn’t think will work and you might be pleasantly surprised at the result.

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