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Writeversity.com is a company that’s not afraid to brag about their qualities. If you open the website, you will find a variety of promises and statements such as ‘the most recommended writing service’ and ‘affordable prices’. Yes, this sounds like everything a student wishes for in a writing service, but is it really the case with writeversity.com?

Key Features: 

  • A draft prior to the order
  • Delivering papers to all parts of the world
  • Unrivaled pricing by industry equals

Terry Thompson: 

The company’s agents are good, but writers are not. Even though I enjoyed talking to them, I don’t like the papers. It’s not a service I can recommend.


Barbara Martinez: 

I have always been terrible in writing, which is why I always order my papers online. I don’t think it’s fair that professors give so much credit for writing, but what can I do? I tried so many services, but all of them failed me. This is one more service I am crossing off my list.

Usability, Design and Website Appearance

Writeversity has done a great job in creating an inviting website. In addition to creating a well-designed website, this company provides customers with all kinds of information, which made the writing of our review much easier.

One big issue in terms of usability is the case with the calculator. If you want to calculate more than one option, you’d have to refresh the page since the calculator slows down or completely stops working after one try.

Papers at WriteVersity.com

If you thought this company only delivers dissertations and theses, as the key quote on the homepage suggests, you are wrong. Writeversity.com actually promises to deliver a grand variety of academic papers, which is great news for those looking for a regular content provider.

You can order everything here, starting from essays and term papers to dissertations and theses. They offer writing, editing and proofreading services, too.

What About the Prices?

Generally speaking, prices here are higher than those of other writing services. We paid a thesis for the Master’s level and paid $32.83 per page of Premium quality, which is not even the highest quality option the company offers.

When we saw the originally high pricing, we thought ‘they surely offer discounts that reduce it’, but we were mostly wrong. We say mostly since the company does have a lifelong discount option but still fails to reduce the price for those who want to try out the service. Therefore, do not expect a discount on your first order with writeversity.com.

Papers’ Quality and Delivery

The writer did a good job delivering the paper on time, but our thesis was definitely not worth the high rate we paid. It was properly researched and formatted, but contained many mistakes and some instances of plagiarism.

In addition to the order, the company allows you to order a cheap draft and check the quality of your writing experts. However, even though this is a cheap option and could provide you with a guarantee the first time you order, our experience with the draft and the final paper was very different. While the draft was great, the paper was significantly worse.

The Customer Support System

Information on the website was easy to find, but we still had some questions regarding their prices and discounts. For this reason, we decided to get in touch with customer service and ask their agents.

The website says ‘I am not a bot’ when you open the live chat, but this does not seem to be the case. Most of the time, the agent replied with answers that did not really fit our questions, which makes us believe that the chat is actually a bot.


In conclusion, we are looking for a company with a solid list of academic papers, but high prices and bad writers. The discounts make the pricing much lower, but the paper is still not worth its rate. In our case, we found the first draft to be a scam since the paper was not written in the same writing style as the 600-words draft.

Update: 26/11/2019
3.6 / 10 stars

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