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WordsDoctorate.com provides academic papers to students who are enrolled in higher academic level institutions, such as university and college. This makes their list of academic services limited to only theses and dissertations. But, should this pose a problem to you as a student, or is this the company you’ve been looking all along for your dissertation task?

Key Features: 

  • Consultants in the major countries
  • Writing experts with Ph.D. degrees
  • 24/7 online support and guidance
  • Work payment based on schedule

Jonathan Davies: 

I’d go for another service if I were you. After I got my paper, I keep looking for another writing company. The paper was not so bad, but I don’t have a fortune at home to spend on all assignments.


Juan Prentice: 

My friend and I’ve been looking for a place to order a dissertation for a long time. This company looked like the best on the Web, but we made a mistake. After spending more than half our money on the paper, we had to spend an additional month trying to fix it.

Website Content and Design

The website of WordsDoctorate is well designed, filled with quality content and most importantly, easy to navigate. Still, we struggled to find some very important information regarding discounts and pricing.

Papers and Services Offered

The company’s list of services is very limited, as we previously mentioned. Basically, they offer two types of services and three types of papers. You can only contact this company if you need writing of dissertations, theses and research proposal, or consultation regarding these papers.

The list was very disappointing, especially when we noticed that the company offers neither proofreading nor editing as part of their services.

Even though the service is oriented toward college and Ph.D. students, there are many other papers these students need during their education. Therefore, if you were looking for a regular content provider, this would not be the one.

Affordability and Discount Options

The pricing is the information that influences students’ decisions the most and yet, the company does not provide this on the official website. The only way to get an idea of how much a paper cost here is by sending a request that contains all the information regarding your order.

Waiting for their response turned out to be time-consuming and very frustrating. And even if you like the price, wouldn’t you want to know how much your next paper would cost? Or the one after it?

Unfortunately, the pricing here is very steep, which makes it very unlikely that a student will decide to purchase a paper. While Master’s papers may be considered affordable, Ph.D. level papers are among the highest we have seen on the market.

Since discounts are non-existent, we did not get a reduced price. And even if there was an added discount to the rate the company sent, we did not get informed of it.

Quality of Our Paper

Our decision to place an order with this service turned out to be good. The paper was not of the highest quality as the company said, but it was more than satisfactory compared to our experience with other services.

The writer did a good job with our paper, but it cost more than a student could pay.

Customer Service Availability and Effectiveness

There are several contacting options you have when you order from the service. You can use the phone, e-mail and live chat to reach the service, including contact numbers for India, Germany and global. This provides customers with the opportunity to get in touch with the company’s agents without any additional expenses.

Still, perhaps it would be better to provide one reliable option, rather than several bad ones. The live chat is basically non-responsive, while the phone agents pick up once in five times.


Wordsdoctorate.com is a legit service that delivers solid papers for college and Ph.D. students. However, they are very limited not only in the services they offer but also in discounts and even customer service. Moreover, the prices here are among the highest we have seen on the market, which is something students can rarely afford.


  1. Shinoy

    I made a huge mistake choosing this company for writing my research proposal. My writer was unexperienced and it seems like he didn’t know how to write this type of academic paper. I will never use WordsDoctorate again.

  2. Anthony Richards

    When I was searching for a writing service, I needed all the information to be clear and open. But WordsDoctorate doesn’t even provide any info about prices and discounts on their website. That’s a bit suspicious. I don’t think I’ll use their services.

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