UnemployedProfessors.com Review

unemployedprofessors.com review
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Considering the idea of being unique, we decided to try out unemplyoedprofessors.com to see if they can be a great resource for college students.


The website is really clever and the comic strips on the homepage are really witty. But we are not here for humor, we are here for thesis papers. They offer almost every kind of academic writings and writing-related services. They have writing services ranging from custom essays to reaction paper. They have editing, proofreading, and formatting as editing services. You will get sorts of dissertation and thesis related help from them.

These were pretty much the common services that most other companies in the market offer. Apart from these common ones, you can get your scholarship essay written by some professionals. Even they can help you with resumes and CVs.

So, not a bad place to find help at all. As we tested their service, we got a bit disappointed. First of all, having a Masters’s degree or a Bachelors’ degree doesn’t mean that he/she is a professor. When we received the paper we saw countless mistakes all over it. Mistakes that a 4th grader can do but not any professor. Most of the unemployedprofessors reviews have rated the service badly.

Although we really liked the comic strips of unemployedprofessors, the quality is really below the benchmark. Yes, there were some formatting mistakes and plagiarisms (87% unique). But when you are paying someone or a company, you want your paper to be nothing short of perfection.

Discounts and Free Features

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any discounts or whatsoever on the website of unemployed professors. The price is relatively lower than most of the other writing services. But the fact that they don’t offer discounts is really a negative point.

Sadly they don’t even offer any free features like free index page or bibliography. You have to pay for every word. So, that is another sad news for the students who are running short on money. You have to pay about $80 for a 10-page college essay. Yes, the unemployed professors prices are really low but you have to think about the quality at the very same time.


As you can see, there is not a single mention of the Unemployedprofessors cost on the website. So, we decided to knock them for getting an idea about the prices and other offers. The customer support guy was friendly. But there is a big flaw. There is no live chat of hotline numbers that you could try out. We had to wait about 6-7 hours to get a knockback.


We are one of the conclusion of unemployedprofessors review. Keeping all the factors in mind, we have decided to give them a rating of 2.7 out of 5. We really liked the comic strips though!

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