Ultius.com Review

ultius.com review

Ultius.com is a quick and efficient service for most of the time. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to using this service that you should be well aware of. First, the company’s motto is a distortion of the truth. The company is supposedly hiring American workers exclusively for high-quality content, yet polished papers contain numerous grammar mistakes anyways. That is disrespectful and wrong.

Second, there are a good number of writers who are poor at communicating and working with your needs, so be aware of that too. We were lucky to be assigned an engaged writer, but there are many reviews out there that state quite the opposite.

Key Features: 

  • Average prices
  • Qualitative content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unreliable customer services
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Poor communication

Wendy Valiant:

Ultius has been a disappointing experience for me. I gave my writer clear instructions, yet she did not confirm. Soon, I was left without a dissertation paper and had to come up with everything on my own. Should I mention that I paid a considerable sum of money to the website too? I never saw the money back. The writers are not reliable. This service is not reliable. Try to find another service!


Robinson Crave:

I was unsatisfied with Ultius’ writing services because of the following reasons: lack of integrity, lack of credibility, and lack of trust. First, the writer promised me she’d finish my task in 6 days. It took her over 9 days to finish it (lack of integrity). Second, after I’ve waited almost more than 3 days for a writer that I’ve paid to finish writing my paper, I realized that the paper was lacking essential content (lack of credibility). Finally, how can I trust this company again after all it has put me through?

Website Usability

Ultius’ website has a special, modern design that catches the customer’s eye. The site is also easily accessible and well-structured. We had no problems navigating through its options and menus whatsoever. That is a big plus for any college/graduate student who’s looking for a way to order fast writing services.

Navigating through ultius.com, we notice that every time we open a new window, the following words pop up “Connect with an American Writer.” Later, we find out that the company’s number one goal is to hire American workers exclusively so that people trust the writers’ expertise and proficient language qualities. Unfortunately, Ultius disappoints us on this level. Please read number four for further information on this specific topic.

Services Offered

Since ultius.com has an unfriendly user interface, its services are hard to find. We looked closely at their website and finally found (after a thorough search) that they offer help with essays, research papers, dissertations, thesis, editing, and business writing. We were unsatisfied with their narrow diversification of services. Would not recommend if you are a college student in search of a reliable, plagiarized-free writing service.


Ultius has clearly defined prices, so there is no need to worry about the financials. When you reach out to them, they will choose a price from the list uploaded on their webpage. That way, you know what you get for the amount of money paid. Unfortunately, ultius.com has relatively high prices. They start at $18 per page and can go up to $85 for super-advanced vocabulary. Their categories are high-school, undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. levels.

A big surprise for our team was not seeing any discounts available for the new customers. We asked for a discount for our paper, and they said that they are not able to offer any. For those interested, Ultius does not have a money-back guarantee either. Not recommended.

Customer Support

A big minus was the company’s customer support services. Clients have to go through an exhaustive process before chatting with one of Ultius’ staff members. They need to fill out a form stating their name, a reason for contacting, and other annoying details that make you want to hit exit. There are other great writing services on the market with a really good response rate on Live Chat. We are unsure why Ultius chose to neglect this important aspect.

We tried calling them as well (maybe an alternative for Live Chat?), but they were unable to provide us with an update of our order. We consider this behavior to be negligent and unreliable for any client.


We ordered a 5-page essay for the Undergraduate level. We gave out a deadline of 15 days, hoping they would complete it before the due date. Five pages for an undergraduate level within 15 days is a piece of cake. At least that’s what any college student would say. We paid $135. That’s not a bad price compared to others on the market, but when we talk about quality, it could be considered hijacking.

The text was full of grammar mistakes! We have never experienced this before with any other company. The correct spelling was lacking completely. The content was qualitative, but reading it through endless grammar mistakes was tough. Thus, we are not sure whether we should trust Ultius or not. They say they only hire American writers for proficient content, but our paper was not considered proficient.


Our 15-day deadline turned into a 20-day deadline. Our writer was late. He kept postponing the paper delivery without any good reason. Communication throughout the process was easy and pleasant. He respected our concerns and indications. He asked if he was allowed to improvise on specific areas that he was passionate about.

We approved, and our content turned out to be really qualitative – but we still couldn’t get pass the fact that it was full of grammar mistakes and improper spelling. Besides that, the writer was late, and although we were not in a hurry, the average student might be.


To conclude, Ultius is at the limit between reliable and unreliable. Paper content can be qualitative, although writers are not great spellers (or speakers of English). They do not offer discounts, but their prices are decent compared to other services. Eventually, one of the major reasons why we decided to vote “No” for Ultius is its poor customer service.


  1. Marta

    It’s hard to believe ultius reviews found on the site because the writer assigned to me seemed to have not understood the instructions I specifically gave. To make matters worse, I never heard anything about my refund. Try finding other writing service sites.

  2. Aadesh

    I was wishing to get at least an A- for a paper that I paid for. Customers should double check the ultius reviews found on the net. They may be prompt in answering queries and reaching deadlines, but I was expecting higher quality output.

  3. Brandon

    Do not trust all the ultius reviews you read. I am a very unsatisfied customer who paid for a lengthy paper that completely lacks content. I was expecting a graduate level output and got an elementary level one. I vow not to use their site ever again.

  4. xiao12meng

    If you are in a hurry, it’s best not to go to ultius.com. The writer assigned to do my dissertation kept on postponing my order’s leaving me uncertain whether I would be able to submit my paper or not. My experience with ultius was very nerve racking.

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