7 Useful Tips to Write Your Dissertation

Tips to Help You Write Your Dissertation

Dissertation writing is a boresome, time-consuming and complicated task you should complete to acquire a degree. Of course, you may say that you don’t need a dissertation because you are not planning a scientific career. But, a degree and completed project is your benefit during the job search and if you have an opportunity to become a Ph.D. – do so, you will never be disappointed with your choice.

As we said before, dissertation writing will never be smooth, but it’s possible to simplify the writing task using seven tips we decided to share with you. They will definitely help you to get the work done without a headache.

  1. Choose a topic you like

  2. “This topic will help you at job market” may your advisor tell you. But, think yourself, will you be passionate about the topic in a month, three months or are you ready to work on it for a year?

    Choose the topic you are interested in. Better is to write about what you like and not about what makes you “successful” because it won’t. When a dissertation topic has not been chosen right, the student doesn’t have a will to make a discovery or invention.

  3. Create a schedule

  4. An excellent well-researched dissertation requires a lot of writing, and even if you have a good writing skill you may stick with it. That’s why it’s essential to create a schedule for your “dissertation writing period.” Let’s explore how you can effectively do that.

    First, you need to write down the list of chapters you need to write. Then add the number of pages each chapter should include and set a deadline for each chapter and calculate how many pages you need to write to meet these deadlines. Choose the right working hours when you think you are the most efficient.

  5. Write in small sections, not in chapters

  6. Of course, the right scheduling is a good tip to write a dissertation, but there is a pitfall you should be aware of. Any logical part of your work like argument, thesis, section, etc., should be logically completed on the day you wrote about it. And even you have an inspiration, never write in chapters since you will need to re-work a lot in future.

  7. Never be disappointed with the feedback

  8. From time to time ask your adviser for the review and feedback and be ready for critique. It plays an essential role in dissertation writing and will help your work become even better.

  9. Celebrate milestones

  10. Each time you achieve even the smallest step in your writing process – celebrate it. If you have finished a small part of the work, have a cake or a coffee with a friend, if you have a more significant achievement – go to a party, club, concert. And if you finished a chapter – have a small vacation with your friends or family. These little motivators will help you to stay positive even during the hardest stages of your writing.

  11. Move around if you stuck

  12. If you stuck with the chapter, section or argument finish the work for this day – you need a rest and more time for thinking. Next day you will be able to finish it or decide that the particular details are not required.

  13. A dissertation is not the reason for living

  14. Always remember that your life won’t end if you fail to submit your paper. A thesis is not the life meaning, and it is just an assignment you may complete to acquire a Ph.D. degree and nothing more. If you feel like you don’t have resources to finish it, you may search for help or quit. It’s up to you to choose the way but remember your choice won’t be the end of your life.
    We hope our tips will help you to write a dissertation and get a degree you need for the successful career and job you love.

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  1. Katherin J.

    Thanks for the helpful tips! I always have a hard time with planning and creating a schedule, that’s why I have sleepless nights before the deadline. This month I’ve started writing a dissertation so I’ll try to use all these points. And you’re right, “dissertation is not the reason for living” 🙂

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