ThePensters Review promises an individual, more effective approach to ordering your papers online. Instead of picking the writer for you, this company allows you to choose between bidders. And not only that – they say you can pay after you confirm the content, which serves to guarantee the quality of papers. Whether all this is true or not, you are about to find out.

Key Features: 

  • Free plagiarism checker
  • Self-motivated writers
  • Money-back, plagiarism-free and satisfaction guarantee
  • Per-project bidding

Pauline Huff: is not a company I recommend. I chose the most expensive bidder and got an average paper. I’d rather pay an expensive service that picks my writer than getting my papers written by amateurs.


Bruce Clausing: 

This is a place where you can pay a small fee, but out of three papers, I only got one good essay. I will try and find a different service for my next task. Website

The company’s website is well designed and easy to navigate. What we most liked about it was the presentation of information. Finding all the information we needed for our review was very easy.

Services Offered and Ordering from the Company

Apparently, this company has an open list of writing services. Aside from the papers, you will see in the drop-down menu when you check the quote for your paper, you will find an option ‘other’. This option allows you to provide information and requirements for any paper you have, which makes this service an amazing choice for those who need continuous assignment help.

However, choosing your writer can be as tricky as it is inviting. The company works on a bidding approach, which can be time-consuming and very complex. Even though you can choose your own writer and your own price, this comes at a great risk.

Pricing, Bidding, and Discounts

Prices are nowhere to be found on the website, which is quite expected with such services. Seeing that writers use bids to attract your attention, you are the one choosing the price for your paper. In our experience, the company has cheap to expensive prices, which means that the final decision is left to you and you only.

The same applies to discounts. Since the company has no pricing, they cannot really offer discounts. The only one who can reduce the price is the writer you are collaborating with. Of course, this will all depend on your bargaining skills, as well as times you hired the same writer throughout your education.

Our Experience with the Service

Once we saw that this company works with bidding, we immediately sent out our order to get as many bids as possible before the review is done. We got over ten bids, after which we picked the writer we thought was most experienced in writing papers like ours.

This turned out to be a bad investment. Knowing that the less experienced writers give the lowest bids, we chose a relatively high bid, but this resulted in a somewhat bad paper. Not only the process of ordering the paper was too lengthy, but the content we got contained plagiarism and a lot of mistakes.

After we sent out for a revision, we got a significantly improved paper. However, it was still not worth the price we paid and the time we wasted on the order.

Contacting the Company’s Customer Service

In order for customers to get in touch with the customer service, they need to log in. This is also time-consuming and unreasonable. In our opinion, the customer service should be available for everyone, including visitors who have questions about the company’s services.

Once you add your information and log in, you will enjoy high-quality assistance from the customer service agents. We got a prompt and effective response almost immediately.


There are some advantages to the bidding approach, but this system comes with a variety of disadvantages, too. Students who order from ThePensters need to spend a great deal of time on choosing a writer and placing the order. Even so, the company does not provide discounts or special offers, and in our case, delivers low-quality papers.

Update: 05/11/2018
4.7 / 10 stars

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