PHDify Services

Their website lists a series of functions and services, but the main service they offer is dissertations. Other functions include proofreading, editing, and attempts at smaller projects. One of the most distressing elements listed is the claim that they do not violate any regulations set out by any educational institution, and yet in reality, if a student is caught using the, they will be expelled without appeal, which means the site is giving out dangerous misinformation.


You have to sign up and register with your personal email address before you are able to receive a quote from In order to get your quote, you have to give them all your details, and then you are asked to give a full account of what you want. You have to give them simple things such as your word count and deadline, but they also want all digital documents you have on the subject and access to your digital college library via your access key or login details. Once they have all that information, they provide you with a quote within 12-24 hours. Quotes range from between $14 per page to $56 per page.

Discounts and Free Features

There are no discounts with You are also told you are able to live chat with your writer, but you are actually directed to a customer service department worker posing as your writer. If you would like to test this theory, then make contact, wait 12 hours until the customer service department‘s shift change, and make contact again and your supposed writer suddenly forgets almost everything about your previous conversation except the parameters of your order. While searching for discounts, you may take a look at the images of their writers. Isn’t it funny how all their writers look like fashion models? Maybe it is a coincidence.

Customer Support

The customer service department is probably the worst part of this company. They are untrained and of a highly dubious nature. They ask for details that range from the college you attend to your credit card details over the chat function. What is more annoying is the fact that their chat function makes several loud ping noises without warning whenever you enter their website. Their website is also littered with lies, and when you confront their customer service department to provide proof of their claims, they simply cut you off.

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