PhDDissertation Review

Ph.D. Dissertation is one of the best services that offer qualitative content to its customers. Unfortunately, the company is not too good with respecting deadlines and communicating with its clients. We carefully analyzed their projects and came to the conclusion that is an online service that can be improved. There are multiple subjects to discuss and examine. Here are a few dissertation help reviews.

Key Features: 

  • Good price
  • Good content
  • Unfriendly interface
  • Unreliable staff
  • Delayed papers

Noel Cole:

I have many reasons to like Phddisertation, but one experience has changed my view of the company forever. I’ve been looking for a certified writer in Architecture for my Doctoral dissertation. All I needed was a person to check my work and approve it. They don’t charge too much for that. I sent them my paper, I paid the sum, and never received the content back. That is simply rude and unethical.


Frank Lamb:

My personal experience with was not bad – it was unusual. For the first draft, I asked the writer to make some small changes, and he almost changed the whole content. It was not bad in the end either, but it was definitely unexpected. I felt out of control. I did not trust him to change my dissertation again, I wanted it to be original. Thus, I gave up on the services halfway through. Would not recommend if you are an independent, authentic writer.

Website Interface

We did not like PhDdissertation’s interface. It’s too crowded, fonts are too small, the titles and subtitles are too colorful and distracting, and too many pop-ups are available on the webpage. As a customer, it is inconvenient to surf through the page and run into endless commercials and ads; and when you also unintentionally click on them too, that’s even more fun. A proficient website should act professional and look professional.

Services Offered does not offer a wide variety of services, and as mentioned before, their quality is not one of the best. They offer a “writer test,” which means that clients have the ability to examine their personal writers. That’s a big plus. On the other hand, as the website’s name states, they are specialized in dissertation writing and no other writing services. The website offers Ph.D. proposal writing, Ph.D. thesis writing, Ph.D. dissertation writing, and Ph.D. paper editing. does not have a user-friendly interface. We searched for important details that were of great interest to us (and other customers as well for sure) for over ten minutes. On other websites, those details could have been found with just a few clicks.


Low prices at start at $11.35 for 14 days or more at Bachelor level and go up from there. The website has a nicely designed table on their webpage that gives specific information about the prices. The most we’ve seen is $59.36 per page with a deadline of 12 hours at a Doctorate level.

We ordered a 20-pages long case study for master level with a deadline of 7-9 days. We ended up paying $220 because they applied the 20% special discount they usually apply to newcomers.

Customer Support

The company’s customer support services are better than expected. We’ve contacted them through Live Chat and they’ve answered within seconds. Even though we started the conversation, they were polite and friendly, always asking if there are many things that they could help us with. A big A plus for communication skills and instant help online.

After constantly e-mailing writing services for three days in a row, they decided to respond. Even though their live chat is fantastic, they do not really pay attention to their e-mails. The same thing happened with our personal writer. He was very easy to reach first, but after we’ve exchanged two or three e-mails, he suddenly stopped responding. After two days, he responded again. And the same process kept going. We requested his phone number in order to reach him easier, but he did not agree. He then answered e-mails a little bit quicker, but still not quick enough. Very disappointed with this aspect.


The overall quality of the paper was good. What we liked about PhdDissertation is that they are structured in their work. Our Live Chat assistant clearly explained to us all the steps that followed once the order has been placed. We were pleased to find out that the company reviews the first draft by reaching out directly to you. They will ask: 1) if there is anything that needs to be changed, 2) if the content is clear enough, and 3) if you are pleased with your assigned writer.

After maintaining such a long relationship with our personal writer, we decided to stick with him, even though his response rate was slow. The result turned out to be good. Would recommend for qualitative content.


After sending you the first draft, a writer will revise every detail, and give you your final Doctoral dissertation to inspect. This last part is intense because you have to review and approve of the final details. Unfortunately, our experience was not as pleasant as we thought. Our writer stopped responding right before the last changes needed to be made. The deadline was almost missed, but not quite. He sent us the revised paper 5 hours before the initially expected deadline. If I were I student, I wouldn’t be too happy about this last-minute delivery.


We do not recommend for any customers on a time concern. The content’s quality is good, but the manner in which the employees approach work is not feasible, effective, and it might even get you displeased.

Update: 25/10/2018
4.7 / 10 stars

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