Master the Art of Ordering 

While as much as it is important to know how to choose the right writing service, it’s also crucial to know how to approach them and place your order so that you save yourself and your writers a lot of time. Not only that but also to avoid any future revision, extra costs that aren’t something every student can afford. In order to do that, we’ve come up with a short and concise ordering guide to help you order quickly and efficiently.  

What to Consider

You should always take into consideration that writers are humans after all, not machines. You can’t expect your writers to know everything about your tasks by simply giving them a title or a topic. Here’s what you should think about before clicking on that order button:  

The Information You Have

Think about more than just the topic or the headline. Give your writer every single piece of information you might have on the topic, from the formatting to any notes you want to include. The more you give, the more you will get back, as your writer will gain more insight into exactly what you want your paper to look like. 

The Information You Lack

Be honest about the information you don’t have, and what you need help with. You want to give out as much as you can, but it’s also helpful to state the information you’re lacking so that the writers can track it down for you and include it in your paper. 

The Resources That Writers Have

Some websites are going to talk about the resources their writers use. If you want your writer to use a specific resource that isn’t on this list, and you want to help them find the right information in the right place, share it with them. It will save you both a lot of time, and make your paper truly high-quality. 

Extra Costs

That’s right, some services charge additionally if you don’t provide enough information to your writer. If a company needs to do extensive research to find information, certain companies will add an extra fee for the time that has been spent researching before writing.  

Also, think about the cost of reviews. If you don’t give out all the necessary information, you might end up asking for a revision, which will eventually cost you more.

Choose Service

The Ordering Guide

Finally, let’s see what your order should contain precisely so that your writer understands exactly what you want and how to find it. The more detailed your order is and the more in-depth you go with your explanation, the higher the chances are that your writer will provide a paper that suits your standards. 

* Write out tasks for your writers, and be precise about what you need them to do in order to finish a paper that’s going to score you the highest grade. This can include information about research resources, formatting, the number of pages etc.  

* Always leave feedback to the writers and the company, because if you weren’t completely satisfied with the delivery, you want them to do something about. Right? Always leave feedback so that the company can work on finding new writers or improving their current writing team. 

* Be as detailed as possible and don’t skip any information that your professor gave you. Write out all the notes, and the comments made and give it to your writer. 

* Not every assignment is the same, some are more and some are less complex. If you are ordering an essay for example, you won’t give out as much information as you would when ordering a dissertation paper. Focus on giving specific information about that task, and save yourself some time and revisions. 

Placing an order might seem like the least important thing to write a guide on, but with so many students struggling with writing services as well as their budgets, it’s crucial to ace your order so that get the results you asked for from the first try. Remember, it’s not just about getting, it’s also about giving.