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edubirdie review
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EduBirdie is easy to access and has a perfectly well-designed, user-friendly interface. With so many online scams present on the market today, we decided to take a deeper look into their services and customer service options. As a whole, we found out that is suitable for students who do not have any time concerns, or whose budgets exceed the usual limit. Customers pay too much for what they get, whenever they do get it.

Key Features: 

  • User-friendly, colorful interface
  • Average price for non-emergency situations
  • Helpful Live Chat Staff
  • No refunds

Dana Humphrey:

My personal experience with EduBirdie was awful. I paid $70 per essay, and I ordered three. I expected a discount for such a big order, yet nobody offered me one. I checked with them about that, but they did not seem to care. All they care about is money – at least that’s what they made me think.


Collin Brisk: 

I think that is a good service designed for people who are not in a rush. I do not normally use online writing services, but this time I had to because of time concerns. And guess what? I failed my term paper because they missed the deadline. Will never use any writing services in the future because of this bad experience. It’s a shame.

The Interface

EduBirdie’s interface is one of the best we’ve seen. It’s attractive, funny, tells a good story, and it looks intellectual – it’s basically everything a student would be attracted to. At first, customers are given the impression that they can order anything through the website. But we looked closer, and we observed that EduBirdie does not actually offer a wide variety of services. They give out a misleading impression that they do through their complex interface, yet that is a distraction from their small amount of services offered online. Spotted!

Services Offered

You can contact EduBirdie if you need help with your essays of any type, dissertations, lab reports, term papers, thesis, or presentations. They have freelancers specialized in all the aforementioned skills, so whether you are a college student looking for some help, or a graduate in need of some article revising, they are able to help you.

The Price

EduBirdie’s prices start at $18 per page, and they increase according to the deadline and the writer’s proficiency level. We ordered a 7-pages long article on Undergraduate History and paid $100 with discounts. We were pleased with the price-quality rapport, so from this perspective, definitely recommend.

Unfortunately, EduBirdie does apply a high surplus tax for deadlines shorter than three days. We checked to see if prices are too high in those circumstances. We had to pay an extra $50 urgency tax, which we found ridiculously expensive. Thus, we recommend this service only when your deadline is not too close.

Customer Support

We found the Live Chat to be quite effective. Our customer service assistant answered all of our questions thoroughly and even advised us in some relevant matters. Even though Live Chat is a good way to keep your clients close, EduBirdie does not use any other type of online communication. We were unsatisfied with our second task request and asked for a refund. Nobody answered our calls or messages, so we ended up with no money and a non-qualitative paper.

If you need help with your order prior to making the payment, their staff will be helpful and attentive. If you need further assistance, their customer services slow down and are sometimes inexistent.


We were happy with the content that we got for such a small amount of money, but we questioned our writer’s ability to finish on time throughout the entire writing process. He was communicative but needed extra guidance. Thus, we spent a high amount of time guiding him through the steps. That is an unusual event that’s common to see among beginners. The funny fact was that our writers had over 400 positive reviews and comments, and he was marked as “experimented.”

We strongly believe that EduBirdie writers are not able to keep up with their demands. We encourage students to use a different writing service for this reason. Credibility is an important factor when deciding whether we should trust a company or not.


As mentioned before, delivery was on time, but there will be high taxes for emergency applied. We believe that the rapport emergency price and quality are not worth it. Quality always comes before quantity, and our writer gave us the impression that he was hurrying to finish by adding as many words as possible. Unfortunately, that rush never turns into quality content.


We do not consider a safe service to use. It is unreliable, loses credibility in front of its customers, and does not offer a money-back guarantee in case of any disappointments with the outcomes.


  1. derick00

    I can’t help but wonder “is edubirdie safe?” because it seemed to me that my essay looked exactly like the samples I see online. I can’t believe I paid so much for something I could have copied and edited myself.

  2. jennifer

    Is eduberdie scamming me by letting me pay a fortune for a dissertation that’s low in quality and just lengthy? This is absurd! I cannot believe I trusted this site and their so called “professional writers” to create a major course requirement.

  3. lovemama___

    Is edubirdie safe to use knowing they only release full payment if a satisfactory paper is made? I thought it was. But when I was requesting for a refund for a lousy paper, I ended up with no refund and low quality research. This site is a hoax.

    1. Han Jan

      Adding this thumbs up review because their writers saved my ass from repeating a whole semester. I had no time to edit my research paper but luckily I found edubirdie. I appreciate the help under all the pressure. This definitely won’t be the last time I use this site.

      1. superbb

        Don’t fall for the edubirdie reviews found on their site. I ended up paying more than I had to just to meet a deadline even if the cause of delays were their revisions. I felt robbed after my experience with them.

  4. qwentinobambino

    After ordering 4 essays, I thought I was supposed to get a loyalty discount. Apparently, this is not how this site works. Good thing they had low prices compared to other sites otherwise I’d be bankrupt. Fair rates for good quality papers.

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