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Dissertationhelpdeal.co.uk is a rather new writing service. The official website does not give information about the year of accomplishments or any indication of the number of years the company spent on the market, but dissertationhelpdeal reviews online date only a few years back.

In such a short time, the company hasn’t managed to build a very high reputation on the market. In fact, by looking at all those reviews, we got the impression that this service is not at all popular among the very few who use it.

Key Features: 

  • Exclusive discount of 15% for new customers
  • Research-based content
  • Pure privacy

Jose Kost:

To be on the safe side, I ordered a single dissertation chapter from this company. I did the right thing because I was then able to act quickly and order the entire paper elsewhere. The writers at dissertationhelpdeal.co.uk are terrible in doing their job, and the nice support service agents cannot possibly fix this for you.


Wayne Tanner:

I have chosen so many companies, I did not know where to get my dissertation. This service had great marketing and the prices weren’t so bad, so I placed my order for a dissertation chapter. The results were horrific – the writer who they assigned on my paper was obviously not a person who has written a dissertation in his life since the language and tone were completely wrong!

Website Design and Usability

The website of Dissertation Help Deal is satisfactory. The pages load slowly and their content is not always complete, but you can find almost everything you need on the site. In addition to information regarding their services, the site also contains samples of content you can get from the writers. However, these samples did not resemble the actual paper we got.

Range of Services the Company Offers

Talk of a limited list of services! The name dissertationhelpdeal means literally that – dissertations and nothing more. This company is aimed towards aiding students who have come to the final point of their education and offers dissertations on all subjects and all fields.

Focusing the entire company on one paper only can be very disadvantageous for them as a service. This means that students will have to look for all remaining papers elsewhere, and the service won’t really have any returning customers. Why? Because dissertations are the final papers a student is asked to write. Once the company provides this paper, what else would be students looking for from their writers?

Without any other papers offered, the answer would be nothing.

Prices and Discounts at DissertationHelpDeal

When we saw that the only paper this service offers is a dissertation, we expected to find lengthy deadlines and no urgent ones. Instead, we found a fairly limited list of prices that consists of only four deadline options, and the last option is ’10 days or more’.

Dissertationhelpdeal.co.uk confused us, even more, when we saw that the remaining deadline options are 24 hours, 2 days, 4 days and 6 days. Writing services do have the habit of providing urgent services for most papers, but there is hardly a student who orders his or her dissertation a day before the final date.

Most students expect to get better prices if they order ahead, but with the longest deadline provided, this is not really popular here. Regardless, the company turned out to be extremely affordable, since the longest deadline comes at a price of £10.95 for standard, £12.95 for premium, and £14.95 per page for platinum quality.

Add the first and only discount of 15% to this price, and you get one of the cheapest dissertations on this market.

The lack of other discounts is understandable since this company cannot have many regular customers, to begin with.

Quality of Papers at DissertationHelpDeal

Low prices mean low quality, especially when they apply to such a complex and lengthy paper. Since we instantly assumed this when we saw the price list, we immediately ordered a dissertation chapter to confirm our doubts.

The doubts were even more than confirmed. The chapter we got was of horrific quality because more than half of it was plagiarized, and it was obviously written by a writer without any experience of the standard dissertation structure.

The Support Agents

We believed that the paper was beyond repair but still decided to check the customer service by asking for a revision. The agents of this service are responsive, but all they could do was offer a revision that did not help a bit. The agents did not have the permission to give us a refund despite our case.


Students may find the prices here extremely inviting, but ordering from dissertationhelpdeal.co.uk would be a very big mistake. The company is nothing they say they are – the paper quality is very low, and dissertations are all you can find if you choose them as your writing provider.

Update: 25/10/2018
4.1 / 10 stars

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