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Having lots of options to choose from when selecting the best service for your academic papers will lead to a longer selection process. When searching for such a service, the most important aspects to be taken into consideration would be the quality of the service, the price, their customer service, and the delivery time. The question is: Should I choose DissertationBoss for my next academic paper?

Key Features: 

  • 100% original content
  • Fast delivery time
  • Good customer support
  • Professional writers

Martin Tracy

DissertationBoss.com is not a service I would recommend. Having a short deadline, they’ve asked for a large amount of money. The quality of their work does not reflect the overpriced services.


Rachel Knight:

Once I received my dissertation help from https://www.dissertationboss.com/ I had to find another assignment service. Their, so called, professional writers didn’t respect my guidelines and the quality of their work is not the one I’ve expected.

Website Design and Usability

DissertationBoss’s website is a very pretty one. Clear and pleasant colors, the home page is very clean, without many disruptive elements. Even so, for someone who is not very familiar with it, the website can turn into a maze. The main menu has no less than 8 elements and it can be quite discouraging for a client looking for some help with his assignment.

Types of Paper You Can Get Here

DissertationBoss offers quite a large palette of services. From your regular assignments to thesis, and dissertation. Even so, their main focus is represented by dissertations. In terms of dissertations, they have extensive experience. They offer everything from planning, outlining, and writing one from scratch or editing an existing one.

However, one of the most important disadvantages of this service would be the fact that the price asked for tight deadlines does not reflect the quality of the paper. Many clients, in their reviews, specify the fact that there are lots of typos and grammatical errors in their dissertations.

Last, but not least, inflexibility in terms of types of assignment papers they provide makes this service an outdated one. Even though they pretend to offer a large palette of assignments, the dissertations are the only ones they will accept.

Prices and Discounts at Dissertation Boss

Like we said before, there’s a huge gap in the price-to-quality ratio. For you to find out the price you need to pay for your assignment, you need to fill the form found on the Home Page.

You need to specify the type of paper you need, the number of pages, the deadline, and your email address. Then, you will be redirected to another page where you will add all the necessary information and files for your assignment.

In terms of discount codes, right from the start, they let you know that you can get a discount of up to 15% for your first order. For example, a standard quality dissertation of around 200 pages, with a 60-day deadline will cost you roughly $2000. This is not a very low price considering the deadline, the size, and the quality of the paper.


DissertationBoss is your average writing service, nothing outstanding. Even though you can get very reliable services, that will get you through college, you will not deliver A-quality assignments. Even though they advertise the fact that they offer a very large palette of services, their main area of expertise is represented by dissertations.

Their site, even though it’s friendly, it can be quite overwhelming for someone visiting it for the first time. Nonetheless, you can easily get in touch with a customer representative by filling out the contact form on their website.

Update: 26/10/2018
4.3 / 10 stars

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