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Academized has a wide variety of content present on their website. At first, most of the information seems accurate and complete, but searching further, we realized that the company’s strategy has a different purpose than providing help to its customers. Much of Academized’s site content is useless. The company surreptitiously inserts subtle keywords in their content to attract traffic to their website.

In order to read everything on their website, customers would probably need more than a couple of days. They lack structure and are disorganized in the presentations. Unfortunately, clients do not have time or patience to go through all the details presented on Thus, the only option they have left is reading Academized’s service reviews.

Key Features: 

  • Quick and prompt communication
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Unfriendly website interface
  • Unspecialized writers
  • Average quality

Customers’ Reviews:

Dan Corpsman:

I had a very negative experience with Academized. Their customer service employee treated me nicely and respectfully, but unfortunately, the writer they assigned me to could not follow orders or pay attention to my needs. She acted independently without asking permission. Will not use this service again.


Carina Alvarez:

I think the is hard to follow. I could barely find what I was looking for; instead, I was distracted by all the useless commercials and random words posted on their webpage. I ordered the essay anyway but was disappointed with the results. A deadline was not respected either. Do not recommend.

Website Usability

The incredibly high amount of random content on Academized’s page makes it hard for customers to surf the website. Besides that, there are not many things to complain about. Their webpage is user-friendly and easy to access. Their content is decently organized, and instructions on how to contact them are clear enough.

Services Offered

Academized can help students with thesis writing, dissertation writing, research papers, admission essays, editing, and proofreading. Besides that, the company states that they can “do the calculations for you too,” meaning that they also offer help with Math and Science assignments. We find it hard to believe that their writers are specialized in so many fields.

Usually, writing companies offer students help with their writing assignments only, so we would not recommend trusting their other Science-help services. In fact, their ‘too-wide variety’ of services makes us question their proficiency in content writing.


Academized’s prices are not bad at all. One of the company’s distinct features is that it offers numerous discounts for its customers. For the first 15 or more pages ordered, clients can get 5% off, for 50 or more they get 10% off, and for more than 100 pages, they can get up to 15% off the initial price. More than that, if you order a paper for the first time, they offer another 15% discount.

Unfortunately, the service does not specify if the discounts add up, so clients can get confused: are they getting only 15% off, 20%, 25%, or 30% respectively? Confusion among customers would not be a problem if contacting would be quick and easy– but it’s not. We tried calling their office three times in a row and nobody picked up.

Customer Support

After a careful review of customer services, we asked ourselves the following question: how are customers supposed to contact Academized quickly and effectively? We were disappointed to find no clear answer. As mentioned before, although they have a phone number available on their website, their response rate is slow. The same goes for their Live Chat – we waited a long time until our request was processed.

On the bright side, when checking their e-mail response rate, we found out that Academized is prompt and easily reachable. Their customer support assistant was kind and pleasant to talk to, as well as very helpful and attentive to our needs. He was able to provide us with all the necessary details and he responded to all of our questions.


Academized has a wide range of options to choose from. They offer proofreading services, essay writing, dissertations, editing, and some other services that do not seem to be in the expertise of a writer without a PhD diploma.

To test writing services, we ordered an 8-page long laboratory research paper for an undergraduate level. Since the topic was purposefully demanding, we chose a deadline of three days for completion. Our writer was not prompt and communicative, so we did not know where our paper stands. We were not walked through the creational process, so we did not know what to expect. We were concerned that our writer will not respect the deadline (which he didn’t).

The paper turned out to be better than expected, but that only because we were literally expecting the worse. A big minus for responsibility and communication.


As mentioned earlier, the paper turned out better than expected for obvious reasons. Getting no responses from our writer, we thought that the paper’s quality will suffer – and it did. Lack of communication led to numerous mistakes throughout the paper. We were not satisfied with the content.

The good thing is that there were no grammar or spelling mistakes. The phrasing was constructed oddly. We are not sure that our writer was a proficient English speaker. He lacked structure and quality content.


As a whole, communication was one of the biggest problems we had with Academized. Although their staff is friendly, the company has a slow response rate, which can compromise its services. Unspecialized writers can also easily damage Academized’s reputation. Our paper quality was not met, but we considered it better than expected.


  1. Tom H.

    I don’t recommend They don’t have any good writers out there. I was attracted by good price they offered but the quality of my essay was very low.

    1. Jada Collins

      Don’t use Academized if you want to get your paper on time. It took them forever to deliver my paper, and because of that I almost failed my Philosophy class.

      1. khabib

        I suggest users to read academized reviews before ordering from this site. I gave them ample time to rewrite an essay but it was obviously rushed. There were a lot of spelling and grammar errors that were overlooked. I’m never using this site.

    2. lovren

      I should have read more academized reviews before availing of their services. To my dismay, I paid for a paper that is poorly written not even good enough to submit. I hope they read this coz they really need improvement. I would not recommend this site to others.

    3. sati66

      If you are reaching for a deadline, do not go for this site. I have to agree with not so positive reviews. There was a delay in my book review and I didn’t even have time to read it through. I had a bad experience with them.

  2. Mike O.

    I made a huge mistake using Academized for doing my essay. I had a horrible writer. He didn’t research the topic well and didn’t want to make any edits. I had to send my essay to another writing service for the rewrite and paid more money as a result.

  3. 888poke777

    Is academized legit? Yes it is. Do they deliver quality output? I would give them 3 out of 5 stars. They offered to make some revisions for free but I did not appreciate the delays especially when it was my term grade on the line.

  4. academic

    Awesome chat support. I had no hesitations choosing this site for my term paper. Go to their site and check the awesome reviews from satisfied students like me. I would definitely be hiring their writers and editors throughout the semester.

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